little flower street team

Even today, when a list of upcoming concerts is a finger swipe away on your phone, more people than you can image still get their event news the "old fashioned way" - by seeing a poster at their church, grocery store or local restaurant, by reading a blurb in their church's bulletin, by seeing a slide or video while they wait for church to start, or just by good old word of mouth.

With so many concerts and just my wife and I managing it all, it's impossible to get the word out without help. That's why we've created the Little Flower Street Team. We need people who can:

  • Put up some posters
  • Talk about the show on social media
  • Get their friends excited to come to the show with them
  • Get the show into their church bulletin, in pre-service slide shows, announced at church, etc

The street team is the lifeblood of our marketing in the area where we're bringing a show and, if you're willing to be a part of it, there's a free ticket waiting at will call with your name on it. It might even include a special Meet & Greet! Just fill out the form below and we'll get back to you with more info!

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